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3iS Paris and Vancouver Film School Announce New Degree Pathway Partnership

21.06.2021 Paris Formations
Vancouver film school 3iS

3iS International Institute for Image and Sound (3iS) is partnering with Vancouver Film School (VFS) for an innovative new degree pathway partnership.  

VFS is Canada’s premier post-secondary entertainment arts institution with campuses located in the heart of downtown Vancouver and Shanghai. Students can study film, animation, video game production, VR/AR development, programming, and more in VFS’ renowned one-year intensive programs.

Like 3iS, VFS values hands-on learning, production-oriented programs and immersion in the creative industries. Through this partnership, students and faculty from both institutions will be able to benefit from exchange programs.

This opportunity is an excellent way for students to gain international experience in their field, build a global network and discover different ways of doing.

“The 3iS Pathway offers VFS graduates with an incredible opportunity to study in a world-class city at the leading audiovisual campus in Europe. As Canada’s premier entertainment-arts centre, VFS delivers an immersive curriculum in film, animation, video game production, VR/AR development, programming and much more, and this Pathway will provide our students with the ability to expand upon the high-quality education they receive with us in just one year. In their continued pursuit of higher learning, students who enroll in the 3iS Pathway will immerse themselves in French culture while continuing to grow their impressive skill-sets, production experience, and industry connections, emerging with a Masters in only 1-2 years. What more could you ask for in a study abroad experience! “

  • Scott Steiger, Director of International Admissions & Business Development

“3is is honored to collaborate with Vancouver Film School. This unique program will allow students from both institutions to benefit from a top-tier film education, while completing their degrees in the leading capitals and birthplace of cinema, learning cross-cultural skills from industry experts. Vancouver Film School has been a pioneer in arts education for over three decades, and has received the coveted title of ‘Top Global Film School’ by Variety magazine. “

  • Cleopatra Narcisse, International Development Director

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