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3iS International Internships: Adela in Amsterdam

05.05.2021 Paris

87% of 3iS students get a job in their first year after graduation. This is possible because at 3iS, in addition to making hands-on learning our priority, we’re committed to offering our students a real taste of what it’s like to work in their chosen field. Through internships and work placements, students have the opportunity to practice their craft in professional settings and gain work experience. Each year, 3iS signs a total of 1,600 placement agreements with partner companies.

Today, let’s hear from one of our own international students who just came back from a two-month internship in Amsterdam:

My name is Adela Bottcher, and I have a dual citizenship: Romanian and French. I am currently in my second year at 3IS, studying production.

This year, the second-year internships took place from the beginning of February to the end of March. I first started looking for a production company to take me as their intern in November. Due to the pandemic, we were told it would be harder to find an internship, so I wanted to make sure I had all the time I needed.

I wanted to do my internship abroad in order to have a more special experience. Numerous factors pushed me to focus my research on Amsterdam-based production companies: I wanted to go somewhere where I could work in an English-speaking environment and the audiovisual industry is developing more and more in the city, especially in the publicity domain.

After what felt like a million refusals and interviews, I finally found a production company that was willing to take production interns during this period. I found myself working for Eyeforce, a production company that specializes in branded content, films and documentaries. They are an absolutely amazing and professional team that create projects for companies like Adidas, Rituals, New Balance, Corona, WeTransfer, Samsung, Uber, RedBull and many others.

During my two-month internship, I worked as an assistant producer on two main projects, KOGA and CEVA, and on multiple internal tasks for the company.

A day in the life of a production intern at Eyeforce looks something like this:

I would wake up and bike for around 30 minutes to the office.  The Eyeforce office is situated in one of the most beautiful churches in Amsterdam, right at the entrance of the VondelPark. Being in the office is an amazing experience itself.


Once I got there, I would usually start the morning with a production/ team meeting. The team would gather and talk about their current projects and their status. It was a great way to start the day and learn about each project in the making. At the end of some of the meetings, we would sometimes share videos that inspired us and talk about other creative professionals and their work.

Next, I would check my schedule and To Do list with the producer on the projects I worked on. I was lucky enough to work on Koga, a branded film for a Dutch bike company and Ceva, a project for Ceva Logistics.

After that, I would start making calls to organize the catering and lay out the options, organize Covid tests, look for casting options, organize the pre-production meeting with the clients and any other production related task.

Eyeforce created a very friendly work environment. It felt more like being at work with a big family rather than collogues. For lunchtime, we would all gather around a big table and eat, talking about our projects and making conversation.

After that, I would go back to my tasks.

Being an intern during the pandemic has definitely made things harder. I’m glad I started looking for an internship well before the start date.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to the office daily. Some of the time, I did my work from home, where I was staying with a friend. I think the rhythm was about 2 days at the office per week, sometimes more.

As an intern, I was in charge of organizing the Covid tests before each shoot. It was interesting to see how a production company has to adapt to this pandemic and create a special budget as well. Booking catering was also something I had to pay extra attention to, in order for everything to be virus-proof.

(STILLS FROM THE KOGA PROJECT. Photos by Jerome Fischer)

Overall, my internship at Eyeforce was an amazing experience. I got the chance to work on two projects that I loved, to meet new people and learn how to be a better “producer-to-be”. If I learned something from this experience is that not even a pandemic can stop you if you really want to accomplish your dream.


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