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Alfara Justiciabel: “What I love about 3iS”

31.03.2021 Paris

3iS boasts about 10 to 15 % international students representing 20 different nationalities. Today, let’s meet one of them: Alfara Justiciabel, an international student from Jakarta, Indonesia studying in our Bachelor in Film & TV program taught in English.*

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Why did you choose 3iS?

“I was doing thorough research on various French cinema forums when I found out that 3iS is one of the best film schools in France, and not only among the private ones. With its international environment, I thought it was the perfect place to broaden my perspective and network.”

What do you love most about 3iS?

“I love how the lecturers are professionals in their fields, they know what they’re talking about. I also like how we get to do practical things since practice makes perfect. [I also love] the accessibility to the resources and materials provided by the school.”

As the largest audio-visual campus in Europe (15,000 m2 across 3 buildings) we make excellence our priority. By investing 50,000 euros yearly in tools and technology, we are able to provide our students with state-of-the-art infrastructure, like our 300-m2 theater arts stage, a motion capture studio, a 300-seat screening room etc. Let us not forget our experienced professors whom Alfara mentioned! All of our lecturers have one foot in the professional world and one foot at 3iS.

Who is your favorite creative professional?

“Beryl Shereshewsky, a senior producer from Great Big Story. I love her storytelling method which she said was inspired from Wes Anderson. She manages to not make her works look like a copy of Anderson’s style. She often brings up stories about food and cultures, two of the things that I’m most passionate about, and makes it as if it’s something emotionally and personally related to us.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“I’d like to travel the world, even to secluded places [to film] people’s fights and stories as a documentary filmmaker. I want to make art for a cause that I truly care about with the knowledge and freedom [I have here] in France.”

3iS trains the talents of tomorrow. We enable each of our students to realize their potential. Alfara is no exception. You can check out Alfara’s YouTube page to get a glimpse of some of her personal projects, like her cinematic winter travel vlog in Geneva and Chamonix, or take a look at her portfolio.

To learn more about our international programs, the student residence or what it’s like studying at 3iS Paris as an international student, watch our Virtual Open Day from March 10th.

Feel free to write to for any questions or concerns. We would love to hear from you.

*This interview had been edited for length and clarity.

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