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Interview of David Hover, director of the Bachelor Film & Television program

14.06.2021 Paris

3iS offers Cinema & Audiovisual training 100% in English. The Bachelor Film & Television (BAFTV) is a 3-year course leading to a state-recognized diploma. Interview with David Hover, director of International Programs.

David, could you tell us about your career?

“I’m from England. I have a self-taught background which has allowed me to reach different occupations in the audiovisual and cultural sector. I started out as an actor and a director. I wanted to write, I was in need to move and eager to learn. This led me to Paris in the late 70s.

I began to specialize in the audiovisual field in the 80’s as independent productions were booming. English was my first asset to decipher the instruction manuals for the new equipment that was arriving on the market (Betacam, U-matic, Ampex 2 inches, etc.). I am a “jack-of-all-trades”, I ended up managing the entire post-production chain (editing, calibration, FX, etc.), working on documentaries, commercial and institutional films, and for various channels (ABC, TF1, ARTE, France Télévisions).

Then I broadened my range of skills and turned to video directing. By opportunity and by taste, I specialized in popularizing science and concepts on projects such as:

  • Documentaries on history, music and science (Nimbus scientific magazine, “The race of time” documentary about climate for the French channel Arte);
  • Museum exhibitions, creating interactive digital animations (the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris for example).”

How did you start at 3iS and launch the international BAFTV program?

“In 2018, I heard that 3iS planned to open a course taught fully in English. Knowing that its French Cinema and Audiovisual media programs were well-established, I was thrilled by the prospect of this challenge.

I started teaching early in my career. Among other subjects, I am part of the Black Magic Design network as certified “Master trainer” on the Da Vinci Resolve software. With my versatile profile, I have been able to take on various positions all along in the audiovisual field, from design to post-production. This new course at 3iS was an opportunity to create a complete program with 360 degree-approach.”

Bachelor Film and Television program - workshop student

In a few words, can you tell us about the specificity of the BAFTV course?

“The Bachelor Film & Television is a course open to students from all backgrounds with one prerequisite: passion. It is based on our long-proven French program, with the same approach, projects and professional support.

The 1st year sets up fundamental knowledge and skills:

  • General knowledge: culture, history of cinema and media, art, photography…
  • Skills: directing / fiction, production, writing
  • Technique: video, camera, acoustics, IT.

The 2nd and 3rd years are a development and strengthening stage and focus on hands-on learning through specific workshops and projects; sometimes complementary and in synergy with students from other courses.

We developed a concept of totems. Totems are energy-made and creative challenges under specific constraints: for example, telling a story through sound. The exercise teaches students how to make a film from A to Z and how to work as a team. Each movie benefits from an analytical screening in our cinema auditorium. Our main productions are presented to a jury of professionals.”

Bachelor Film and Television program - workshop students 2

What advice would you give to a student wishing to pursue a career in the audiovisual or film industry?

“From my 35 years in the business, I would say that one should be flexible, broad-minded and resourceful. Our students are young, it is through practice that they will nourish their thinking. The point is to go: try, make mistakes, start again and keep going. Then the range of possibilities will open up, whether in France or abroad.”

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