Erasmus international internship in Lisbon: discover Luiza's experience

Luiza: My Erasmus Internship Experience in Lisbon

16.06.2021 Paris Formations

The second year of the BA Film & TV program (taught in English) is structured around different types of audio-visual production and the skills they require. Students learn editorial, technical and organizational skills, through classes, workshops and practical exercises. To build off of these newly aquired skills, second year students do a two-month internship during the second semester.

Let’s hear from Luiza Lima Krüger, an international student from Brazil, about her ERASMUS internship experience in Portugal this year:

“Being an international student, I’ve always been very interested in cultural exchange, moving and meeting new places. That is why when I had the opportunity to apply for an internship I decided to try through Erasmus. I had heard a lots of good things about Erasmus study exchanges from friends I’ve meet across Europe, but I wasn’t nearly as familiar with their internships.”

How I carried out my search for an internship abroad

“Around three months before the begining of the internship, I started searching. Through the website I was able to find a range of internships in the audiovisual area. Although they were not cinema related, a couple of them seemed very interesting to me. I ended up applying to the two options I liked the most.

During the following weeks, I received responses and scheduled interviews with both of the companies I was interested in working with. However, I discovered on the first interview for one of them that our dates weren’t fully compatible. Luckily, everything went well with the other company. After the interview, we proceeded to the next step of the selection process which was producing a short (1 minute) video based on a prompt that they had sent me with a 1 week deadline. Sometime after sending in the video I received an answer with an official offer from the company.

After I had secured my internship, I decided to inform myself on the possibility of getting an Erasmus+ grant, since Erasmus internships are usually not paid and commonly with NPOs. To apply for the grant I had to go through 3iS’ International Office since Erasmus only works through institutions and not individual people. With the help of the office and some paperwork, I was all set to head to Portugal and start interning.”

My role in the company as intern videographer

“The company that I worked for was Invisible City, a non-profit organization with the mission of helping artists perform more and get paid fairly. They organize private online concerts and the audience pays their tickets in form of donations. They also organize comissioned private concerts for companies or individuals who are interested.

My role in the company was intern videographer. My main role was preparing short informative videos about the process of the online concerts. For example, a video that I made during my time there was an instructive video about steps the audience can take for a self-soundcheck to better their experience at the online concerts. Moreover, I eventually also created promotional images for events. 

A rich learning experience with a variety of tasks

Besides that, IC’s internships work in a sort of mini-university system. Through a series of reference material IC has prepared, we are able to study the IC learnings and prepare to execute different functions inside the company. Besides creating videos, I was also tasked with doing interviews, a staple inside the company. IC does at least one new interview every week. Working with the Costumer Job Theory we interview audience members, artists or even friends and family in order to get feedback about our services and new ideas. In addition, I was always assisting in the soundcheck process. IC goes through extensive soundchecks with all of their artists before the concerts. In general, the whole team tends to participate in the soundchecks since the more feedback the better.

In a normal day at IC, the whole team would meet (virtually) in the mornings to report about our work from the previous day, receive feedback and possibly distribute new tasks. Every Monday, we would give feedback about Sunday night’s concert and every Thursday we would assign someone to present learnings related to Customer Job Theory and possibly learnings based on a recent interview. After the morning meetings I would work remotely. I would create videos remotely and edit on my own time, working around interviews, soundchecks and online concerts.

Working at Invisible City was a great experience to learn how to organize myself to work remotely and how to properly communicate and report back to a team. Besides that, it was the first time I had to produce videos fully on my own and it was surely good practice having to come up with prompts, ideas, short scripts…”


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