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3iS Paris and MetFilm Partnership Announcement

26.07.2021 Paris

MetFilm and 3iS are on a mission to inspire the new generation of creative screen professionals. Together they have decided to partner up for academic exchanges, allowing students to pass seamlessly into international careers.

Launched in 2003, MetFilm has become a world-leading film, television and online media school at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Its two campuses are based in London and Berlin.

MetFilm’s London campus is based at the Ealing Studios (named after the West London borough), known for productions like “Notting Hill,” “Downton Abbey” and many others. This is only one of its many deep links in the industry.

Through this partnership, 3iS students are able to study Acting, Cinematography, Directing, Documentary and Factual, Filmmaking, Postproduction, Producing, Screenwriting, VFX & Animation and more.

“We are tremendously excited at this new partnership between 3iS and MetFilm School. This new relationship represents our shared pedagogical ethos, our emphasis on practical and industry-based teachings, and our desire to work more closely in training new generations for the global creative industries.”

David Howell (CEO), Metfilm School

This opportunity is an excellent way for students to gain international experience in their field, build a global network and discover different ways of doing.

If you are interested in studying at MetFilm, please contact the International Department ( for further assistance.

London Campus Walkthrough – MetFilm School

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