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Study Abroad in Milan!

26.07.2021 Paris

3iS International Institute for Image and Sound (3iS) is partnering with the Milano Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti (MCSC) in Milan, Italy for academic exchanges.

Named after one of the most important masters of Italian cinema, Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti is one of Milan’s longest standing schools. The School is part of Fondazione Milano – Scuole Civiche, a higher education institution established and supported by the Municipality of Milan and sponsored by the Department of Culture.

Like 3iS, MCSC provides both theoretical and hands-on training to ready students for careers in film. Graduates regularly enter the workforce immediately upon graduation and shape the next generation of film and audiovisual professionals.

The school boasts five sound stages; one production vehicle equipped for multi-camera shoots; one television studio; 80 editing and post-production workstations; 20 digital animation workstations and much more. Students will be able to follow courses in eight disciplines: Directing, Screenwriting, Production, Camera and cinematography, Editing, Sound, Multimedia, Digital Animation.

“The partnership between 3is and the Civica Film School- Luchino Visconti, has a lot of potential as both institutions have many characteristics in common, such as hands-on learning, fruitful for educational exchanges and building training and professional opportunities.  At the same time the singularity of the learning environment at each institution opens up new experiences in filmmaking. This partnership will allow students to study in cities which currently represent some of the European centers of great cultural interest.”

Germana Bianco, Int’l relations, promotion and festivals, Civica Film School Luchino Visconti

For more information about studying abroad, please contact: international@3is.fr


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