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Study abroad in NYC!

10.09.2021 Paris

3iS International Institute for Image and Sound (3iS) is partnering with New York University, on behalf of its Tisch School of the Arts, for academic exchanges.

Since its launch in 1965, the credo at NYU/Tisch has been “Learn by doing” like at 3iS. Faculty are seasoned professionals and academics who teach theory, practice, history and craft. An impressive 5,000 films are made per year by NYU faculty, staff, and students, creating a lasting impact on the artistic landscape.

Students can take classes in animation, cinematography, screenwriting, acting, directing, sound production, editing, producing and television. Through this exchange, 3iS and NYU will offer joint educational and cultural events and 3iS students will be eligible to apply to attend Sight and Sound classes and Intermediate Experimental Film Production class at NYU/Tisch.

Over 8 million people, who speak more than 800 languages, live in New York City. Areas like Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, Manhattan and Brooklyn make up the campus. Studying in such a multicultural and energizing environment is bound to motivate you and lead you to meet inspiring people.

For more information about studying abroad, please contact: international@3is.fr


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