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Becoming a 3iS Industry Partner

3iS fosters partnerships with businesses in the creative audiovisual industries, bringing our partners on board in ways that enrich our curriculum. We believe our role as a school is to spark discoveries and encounters, and we do this through running joint projects and workshops with our partner companies. The aim is to promote learning and skill-sharing, exchange good practice, and offer an engaging forum for discussion of where these industries are headed.

 Working on real-world projects, a win-win partnership

By putting forward tangible projects for our school to work on, our partner companies and institutions can harness the colossal creativity and innovation of our student body. As for the students, the opportunity to work on a “real” project faces them with genuine business issues and a chance to apply everything they’ve learned during their time at 3iS.

 How to involve 3IS students in your project  

3iS trains students in filmmaking, audiovisual, performing arts, 2D/3D animation, video games, space design, and graphic design. Their courses get them attuned to their markets and teach them how to develop concepts, experiment and come up with creative solutions, while factoring in the imperatives of users, behavioral patterns, and the economic context.

Would you like to have our students work on your audiovisual project as a partner company? If so, just send us the pitch! We need to know your objective, the background, the length of the desired output, and the date you would need it by.

An annual 3iS commission examines the project proposals we receive and selects which ones to incorporate into our curriculum. 

If your project is accepted, this is what you commit to do as a partner company:

  • Take part in an introductory meeting with the 3iS team 
  • Assist students in their preparation process to undertake the project
  • Engage in constructive dialogue with students during the project validation phase
  • Obtain the necessary authorizations 
  • Mention the partnership with 3iS in all communication channels (social media, websites, YouTube, etc.)
  • Authorize 3iS to have its name on the project, as well as the names of the students who participated in producing it
  • Cover any expenses (accommodation, meals, transport, etc.) for all related undertakings outside the Ile-de-France (Greater Paris) region

In return, the school commits to: 

  • Develop the script for the project in line with your instructions 
  • Get your validation of the project before launching it 
  • Jointly establish a timetable for completion 
  • Provide all the necessary materials (equipment, software, etc.) for the project
  • Hand over the completed project

Different partnership options 

3iS is open to several types of partnership: 

  • A workshop: over a period from 3 days to a week, students work in teams on a common subject, in the same place.
  • A school/company partnership: the partner company entrusts a project to the students, which can be carried out over a short period of time, or be incorporated into the curriculum over a longer timescale. The scope of the project would be determined jointly by the company and the school’s program head, who would build the project into students’ coursework in line with pedagogical objectives.

The leading audiovisual campus in Europe, the 3iS Paris school trains in image and sound professions: cinema, audiovisual, technical and stage management, 2D and 3D animation cinema, video games, multimedia graphic design, etc.


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