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Paying the Vocational Education Tax

Are you a company? If so, you may know that whatever your size and whatever sector you operate in —industrial, artisanal or commercial—the vocational education tax is the only tax that allows you to choose who it benefits. By picking 3iS as the beneficiary of your vocational education tax, you’ll help fund our students’ training for the creative industries and become a member of the 3iS Partners Club.

Why support 3iS, and what are you funding?

3 reasons to choose 3iS as the beneficiary of your vocational education tax:

 Contribute to investing in state-of-the-art equipment for our students 

3iS trains people for demanding careers. We want them to pass seamlessly into work when they graduate, so we make sure their learning is grounded in the latest professional practice by investing every year in the newest tech and equipment and new high-caliber programs. Your vocational education tax helps make this possible.

Your contribution will enable us to invest in meeting all the teaching needs of our authorized courses.

In 2020 this funding allowed us to buy Red Dragon digital cameras.

Join the 3iS Partners Club

By paying your vocational education tax contributions to 3iS, you become a member of  the 3iS Partners Club. 

Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Masterclass 
  • Meetings, talks, and debates
  • Premières or private screenings  

Sit on the Development Council  programs 

To make sure our programs stay closely in step with the industries our students are training for, 3iS set up a Development Council to harness the insights of our partner companies and keep our finger on the pulse of the creative industries.

Our Development Council brings together film, audiovisual and sound professionals who keep us up to speed on how their sectors are evolving, and this insider knowledge informs the design of 3iS programs so students have the best chances of employment when they graduate.

The 10 to 15-member Council is made up of industry practitioners and members of the school faculty who are directly or indirectly involved with teaching and the business world.

This advisory body meets once a year to:

₋ Discuss the academic orientation and professional applications of the training programs

₋ Brief the representative of the certifying body and the heads of diploma-awarding departments on social and industry trends so these shifts can be incorporated into teaching

₋ Facilitate students’ professional development and smooth their entry into the working world by ensuring our courses teach them relevant skills and the right mindset

₋ Consider, and act on, changing needs and techniques within the disciplines taught at the school

₋ Ensure that the skillsets and learning we deliver match the needs of the jobs market 

How to pay the vocational education tax to 3iS 

To ensure your vocational education tax goes to 3iS, simply download the payment slip below and send it to the named contact person.


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