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3iS and Businesses

3iS maintains close ties with companies within the industries our training programs target. We’re committed to offering our students a real taste of what it’s like to work in their chosen field. In fact, this close relationship between 3iS and its partner companies enables us to boast that 87% of our students get a job in their first year after graduation.

Work-based training, a chance for 360° skill-sharing 

At 3iS, we’re very aware that placements play a key role in training new talents. As well as offering a springboard to employment, these placements give students the opportunity to practice their craft in real-life conditions and gain experience alongside established veterans of the profession they dream of entering.

This knowledge transfer is also enriching for the companies that host placements. Apart from boosting the student’s employability, the company also benefits from having a motivated and skilled trainee to delegate certain tasks to.

3iS signs a total of 1,600 placement agreements with partner companies every year.

Work-based training: companies gain multi-skilled trainees 

3iS strongly believes in the value of work-based learning, a win-win training method that we are very committed to. These programs allow students to boost their professional experience in the field, while simultaneously following the school’s teaching curriculum. For host companies, the work-based learning system guarantees you competent, versatile trainees who are eager to hone their skills.

Industry Relations: a department within each campus 

Depending on their specializations, 3iS students on our audiovisual, animated film and video game programs have the opportunity to complete their final year in work/study mode. This applies to 3rd Years on the BA degree courses and 5th Years on a Masters. There is also a work-based training option on our Performing Arts programs.

To offer our students the best possible support, 3iS has set up an Industry Relations department on each of its campuses. The Industry Relations team helps students at every stage of the process, from finding a host company to signing their work-based training contract. 


The leading audiovisual campus in Europe, the 3iS Paris school trains in image and sound professions: cinema, audiovisual, technical and stage management, 2D and 3D animation cinema, video games, multimedia graphic design, etc.


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