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As a school, we consider ourselves duty-bound to strive for more fairness and responsibility within the industry we train our students for. That’s why 3iS sets a high priority on inclusion and diversity.

Equality & Diversity leaders 

To underpin our policy of promoting equality and diversity in the industry, 3iS has appointed Equality & Diversity leaders among the teams at our Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Nantes campuses. This group strives to advance equal opportunities among staff and students, and combat discrimination based on gender, origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, or any other factors.

Promoting women in the creative industries

Right from its inception, 3iS has always been committed to supporting women both on its campuses and within the creative professions they’re training for. The school has put all its teaching and administrative staff through a broad-ranging training program to highlight and combat any sexist behaviors or sexual harassment. We’re committed to playing our part in achieving gender equality in the creative industries training sector.

Proactively integrating people with disabilities

3iS is committed to building a society where everyone finds their place and can flourish. On each of our campuses, there’s a named contact person on hand to provide assistance to any student with a disability, should they need it. Our programs can be adapted and special measures put in place, and where necessary the contact person will work with teaching staff and doctors to offer support with administrative procedures and the organization of exams.

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Equality & Diversity leaders on our campuses


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