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Training Programs of Excellence

More than students, above all we train the talents of tomorrow. At 3iS, our goal is to enable each of our learners to realize their potential. With more than thirty years of educational expertise, we design “tailor-made” educational programs to enable them to excel.



productions annually

to €1M

of investment in technical kit every year


of facilities

At 3iS we see ourselves not so much as training students, more as honing the talents of future generations of creatives. With over thirty years of teaching excellence under our belts, we harness our expertise to design custom-tailored courses that empower each of our learners to unlock their creative potential.

3iS trains people to succeed in the creative industries. We don’t just teach them the skills they’ll need in this fast-moving sector: we give them the tools to forge a lasting career. With our solid pedagogical know-how, we devise agile training programs that are tailored to students’ individual needs as well as fulfilling the targeted requirements of the market.


Students at our Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Nantes campuses can be confident that our outstanding facilities offer the best possible grounding for entering the creative industries. 

Whichever sector they’re targeting—film & AV, sound, SFX, digital animation, video games & motion design, performing arts—our stage sets, performance spaces, editing booths, recording studios, projection rooms and motion capture studios teach students to work with professional-grade equipment and facilities.


We encourage our students to broaden their artistic horizons so they have the cultural depth that’s essential for developing their own personal vision and showcasing their skills. 

But art is nothing without technique, and vice versa. That’s why all our programs—whatever the discipline—foster versatility and a mastery of technical skills. This balance guarantees that graduates leaving our school as work-ready, effective professionals from day one.



The leading audiovisual campus in Europe, the 3iS Paris school trains in image and sound professions: cinema, audiovisual, technical and stage management, 2D and 3D animation cinema, video games, multimedia graphic design, etc.


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