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3iS Alumni Network


Date de dernière Mise à jour : 01/06/2021

3iS Alumni Network

87% of 3iS students move into work within the first year after graduating, which is an impressive number. When our alumni leave 3iS, they’ve gained the tools to make a living from what they love, whether it’s filmmaking, audiovisual, sound, animation, video games or the performing arts. Training at 3iS also gives you an entrée to this powerful network of former students and creative industry professionals.

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Filmmaking & Audiovisual

promo Class of 2013, Filmmaking & Audiovisual program (specialism: Image)

Filmmaking & Audiovisual

promo Class of 2013, Filmmaking & Audiovisual program (specialism: Directing)

promo Class of 2016, Animation & Video Games program
Halley Des Fontaines

Filmmaking & Audiovisual

promo Class of 2015, Audiovisual Journalism program
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International Development Director

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Director of the International Department

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The leading audiovisual campus in Europe, the 3iS Paris school trains in image and sound professions: cinema, audiovisual, technical and stage management, 2D and 3D animation cinema, video games, multimedia graphic design, etc.


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