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Delivered entirely in English, the BA Film & TV Diploma program at 3iS is intended for international and French students with a good command of the English language. This three-year course focuses on directing, production, filming and editing, and leads to a state-approved diploma.

Study program

Develop artistic and technical skills in Filmmaking

This comprehensive three-year curriculum enables the BA Film & TV students to gain a wide range of skills:

  • Observation
  • Writing
  • Script supervision
  • Staging, preparing a shooting script
  • Location scouting and set design
  • Directing
  • Shooting techniques (camera, lighting, equipment) and sound recording (recording, sound design, mixing)
  • Post-production techniques (editing, color grading)

The aim during the first year is to gain a broad knowledge of filmmaking and audiovisual techniques. It is also an opportunity to cultivate your artistic understanding and analytical spirit, which will be central to expressing your personal creative vision.

Produce two main productions

BA Film & TV Diploma students work in teams on two main productions (portrait and drama) under professional supervision. In your second and third years, you develop your artistic and technical skills in areas such as directing, producing, filmmaking and editing. You will learn to write, direct and produce multi-camera studio programs, mainstream movies, series and dramatic short films.

With each production, students receive additional training from professionals in filmmaking techniques, editing and post-production.

Our BA Film & TV is all about getting you work-ready

With coaching, input from industry insiders, and a six-month final-year placement, getting you into the working world is central to your BA Film & TV BA program. After completing this course in cinema and passing a final review by a panel of course assessors, students earn the DESTIS Diplôme d’Enseignement Supérieur en Techniques de l’Image et du son (Diploma of Higher Studies in Image and Sound Techniques), a state-approved diploma which is a Bachelor of Arts-equivalent qualification awarded by France’s Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.


Learning & Productions

  • General culture: history of cinema,
  • documentaries, television, film analysis, etc.
  • Concept and writing: screenwriting and dramatic composition, writing reality, the director’s vision
  • Technical skills: video technology, shooting techniques, acoustics and electroacoustics, sound techniques, editing techniques
  • Transversal skills: production, assistant directorship, business English
  • Practical workshops: camerawork, sound recording, editing
  • Portrait
  • Drama


Studio technician
Post-production technician
Assistant director
Movie/TV/video/corporate film director
Script supervisor
Head camera operator
Camera operator
Director of photography
Master control operator
Video operations technician


Course fees

1st year: €10,120

2nd year: €10,540

3rd year: €11,340


Admission process


  1. Application
  2. Writing test
  3. Interview


Entry requirements

Students holding a high school diploma.

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