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Studying Abroad

For today’s graduates, an international outlook is key to building a career and boosting professional opportunities. 3iS enables its students to improve their English and gain the work experience abroad that’s so highly valued by recruiters.

These academic exchanges give an opportunity for students to study abroad while participating in a variety of cultural activities and meeting inspiring new peers.

International Exchanges and Placements 

3iS offers exchanges with the following international universities:

Our students can also opt to do all their internship placements abroad, giving a further boost to their career prospects. And if they choose a destination in Europe, they can apply for a student exchange grant under the Erasmus Plus scheme. 3iS is the only private higher education institution within its sector in France to have signed the ERASMUS PLUS Charter

  • Gain experience in all filmmaking and audiovisual disciplines including film production, scriptwriting, directing, image, lighting and post-production
  • Work on short films, videos and webseries
  • Develop a portfolio that includes short, factual and episodic productions as well as full-length films for cinema, television and web broadcast
  • Expand your network and meet future international collaborators

A Multicultural Campus with an International Outlook 

Each year 3iS welcomes around a hundred international students of more than 20 different nationalities, particularly on its state-recognized Film & TV Diploma in Image and Sound Techniques (equivalent to a BA), which is delivered entirely in English. This multicultural melting pot provides an enriching backdrop to students’ training.


The leading audiovisual campus in Europe, the 3iS Paris school trains in image and sound professions: cinema, audiovisual, technical and stage management, 2D and 3D animation cinema, video games, multimedia graphic design, etc.


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